94.               $100

EN Welch Co. parlor shelf clock, ca. 1890. A 23.5-inch walnut case with burled veneer on the door, ornate carvings, and gilded incisings.  This model does not appear in Lys book on Welch Clocks, Second Edition, and I suspect it was a special order for a business, as the Welch-style pendulum bears the letters B & D.  The case has been immaculately refinished and the gilding reinforced.  The glass, as well as the two side glasses, are original.  The paper dial is a replacement, the hands appropriate; the 8-day, time-and-strike movement is signed E.N. Welch, looks to be original to the case, and is running and striking on a shiny brass bell.  No label, or evidence of a label.  This is a higher-end shelf clock.  $100$250.

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