88.              $150

Seth Thomas “White House No. 1”, ca. 1911. This is a rare “Capitol Series” clock that came with either of two glasses, the US Capitol or the White House.  Three case styles were used with each glass and the same six cases were also used in the “College Series” clocks.  Whereas most series clocks used a stenciled glass, here the glasses have a colored image.  Note the window to view the pendulum at the bottom.   The cases were oak with an Old Oak finish.  This case is 23 inches tall with a clean old finish.  The glass is of course original with some discoloration, but no losses.  The paper dial is signed with modest wear, the hands are correct.  The Seth Thomas 8-day time and half-hour strike movement is running and striking on a cathedral gong; there is an ST pendulum bob and a white label on the inside bottom, as well as on the back.  The alarm is hooked up but not tested.  $150–$250. 

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