71.             $100

Chauncey Jerome 30-hour steeple, ca. 1844.  The label tells us this clock was made in New Haven (factory opened in 1844) and the brass 30-hour springs tell us this was an early clock. The case is 20 inches tall, veneered in rosewood with a clean finish, the cone finial tips have been rounded off.  Both glasses are period, the dial glass likely a replacement, the tablet has lost much of its backing.  The dial is original with the original paint and considerable touch-up; the hands are likely original.  The 30-hour movement is signed “Chauncey Jerome, New Haven” and has brass springs and an unusual strike chain that is above my level of expertise to explain (for you experts, it is Type 1.313 in Snowden Taylor’s movement catalog), and the consignor states that there are only three other known examples.  Another example of a movement that looks like it was designed to be more economical but was not put into widespread use.  It is running and striking, regulated by an early embossed pendulum bob.  There is a good label inside.  $100–$250.

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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024

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