55.             $500

Silas B. Terry double-wind 30-hour steeple, ca. 1850.  A very rare steeple from the master of horological innovation, here a single-arbor double-wind, time-and-strike 30-hour steeple.  The clock winds in only one direction but it winds both the time and strike chains.  The 20-inch case is veneered in flame mahogany with four cone finials and two original glasses, the frosted tablet is in good condition.  The wood dial is also in good condition with the original paint and likely original hour hand, with a replacement minute hand.  The brass 30-hour time-and-strike movement is unsigned; it is running and striking without problem. There is a stained and tattered label inside with Silas B Terry at the top.  AAC sold a similar example in 2021 for $4250.  $500–$5000.

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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024

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 Typical delivery charges

Here are some typical charges for delivery to the eastern half of the US:

Small clocks – under 20 inches tall:  $50 but may be shipped.

Medium clocks – under 25 inches: $100

Full-size clocks – under 35 inches: $150

Large clocks (most wall clocks, triple deckers) – under 40 inches: $200

Oversize clocks – up to 60 inches: $250–$300

Jeweler’s regulators – $400

Tall case clocks and standing regulators – $500

All prices are estimates and not guarantees; note that delivery is NOT guaranteed to ANY location.