51.              $500

J J & W Beals candlestick double-steeple with wagon spring movement, 1844-1848.  This double-steeple has a JJ & W Beals label (the retailer) but was probably made by Birge & Fuller.  The beautiful 26-inch case has near-perfect mahogany veneer with a polished finish.  I canít exclude the possibility that the candlesticks are replacements, as they are perfect.  The dial glass is period but not necessarily original, the two lower glasses look modern and have new (but beautiful) Fenn patterns.  The dial has been repainted and it may not be original to this case, the hands are likely original.  The 8-day, time-and-strike movement is unsigned; it looks right but is not.  As best I can tell all B&F movements used in these clocks differ slightly from this movement with the position of the escape wheel bridge, the orientation of the lever that holds the anchor in place, the position of the pivot for the strike hammer and, perhaps most noticeably, have tombstone cutouts below the middle crossbar.  This movement does not have tombstone cutouts. Also, the curved legs that allow the movement to be mounted to the platform do not look original (but this is a hard call); there may be other differences as well.  How did I know this?  I confess, my consignor told me; I would not have caught it otherwise. My consignor says it is an Ansonia Type 2.161, for you movement experts.   The clock strikes without problem, but I cannot get it running.  The wagon spring is original, and the very dark label is barely legible.  This is a beautiful clock, one of the nicest I have seen, and if you can live with it not running and having the wrong movement you will have a beautiful addition to your home.  AAC sold a wagon spring candlestick double steeple last January for $1800.   $500Ė$2000.

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