45.                   $50

E.C. Brewster & Co. shelf clock with Kirk’s backplate, 1840-1843.  Elisha bought Charles Kirk’s business in 1833 and hired Kirk as his manager; their first business venture was as E.C. Brewster, and then in 1840 Shaylor Ives, his shop manager who invented brass springs, became a partner and the company became E.C. Brewster & Co.  This is a simple 21-inch case with mahogany veneer and many chips. Both glasses are original but the tablet is a print glued into place.  The painted metal dial is period, with staining, chipping, and fading.  The hands are period/original and are the type Brewster used.  The 30-hour brass time-and-strike movement is unsigned and mounted on a cast iron frame, with the springs enclosed in protective cups, as is more often seen in round and sharp gothic clocks.  It is running and striking on the wire gong.  There is a card label inside.  An uncommon clock; Cottone’ssold one a year ago for $175.  $50–$150.

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