44.                   $100

Eli Terry, Jr. & Co. 30-hour shelf clock, 1835-1841.  The Company was M Blakesley and W Goodwin, and it ended with Eli’s death from consumption (tuberculosis) in 1841.  The case is 23 inches tall, veneered in mahogany; note the rounded front edges.  Both glasses are likely original; at this time mirrors were quite popular and most of these clocks were made with mirrors.  This one is clearly original.  The dial glass is missing the upper right corner.  The wood dial is clean with extensive decoration, the hands are period.  The brass movement is clearly an SB Terry design, with large wooden drums; the movement is adapted from an 8-day movement, allowing them to build a smaller case and use smaller weights, and compete with Jerome’s cheaper brass shelf clocks. Terry made two versions of 30-hour movements, and this is the less common one.  It is not running, but probably could be with a bit of attention and patience.  There is no pendulum bob. There is a very dark but complete label inside.  Not a common model.  $100–$300.

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