43.                   $400

Silas B. Terry 30-hour shelf clock, ca. 1842.  A 22.5-inch case with unusual double-rounded sides, veneered in a light mahogany with a clean finish.  The case is thin, just 3 inches deep, making it a bit unstable when the 3-lb weights are at the top.  Of course, everything SB Terry did had some unusual element to it; this clock also has an upside-down movement and a strike wheel with pins.  Both glasses are likely original; the dial glass has a crack at the upper left.  The tablet depicts the Capitol building, with losses.  The dial is paper, with considerable soiling and discoloration; note the “Terry’s Ville Conn” location and the winding arbors above the mainstem.  The hands are improper replacements.  The 30-hour brass movement is unsigned and could not be tested, as there are no weights; because the case is so thin, the weights need to be about 1.5 inches in thickness.  The backboard is papered but there is no label.  AAC sold a similar example last year for $695.  $400-$700.


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