40.                   $50

F.C. Andrews 30-hour OG, 1846-1853.  Franklin C Andrews has a long history in clockmaking and is most closely associated with the Ansonia Clock Co. but was also a partner with Samuel Terry’s son Theodore in the Terry & Andrews firm during the 1840’s, when he was also selling out of New York City, as found here.  The OG case is 25.5-inches tall with numerous chips to the mahogany veneer on the edges. The dial glass is modern, the lower frosted tablet original with considerable losses and soiling.  The wooden dial was varnished and has yellowed; the hands are period.  The 30-hour time, strike, and alarm weight-driven movement is unsigned and was probably made by a Connecticut maker for sale by Andrews.  The gong base is Seth Thomas and is probably a replacement.  There are three weights, including the alarm weight.  There is a good label on the backwall.  $50–$150.

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