39.                   $100

Smith & Brothers 30-hour OG, ca. 1841.  A 28-inch OG case with flame mahogany on the front and a clean finish; the eye-catcher here is the tablet bearing the New Jersey state seal, remarkably well preserved.  As best I can tell Smith is Levi Smith, who worked with Blakesley in Bristol CT and had two brothers, Ransom and Andrew B.  All three were associated with a retail store in the Bowery of New York; the building, which still stands, is depicted on the label.  There are several business names associated with them: Smith Bros. Clock Establishment; Smith & Brother; and Smith & Brothers (as found here).  Both glasses are original, the simple wooden dial is soiled but has no losses, and the hands are period/original.  The 30-hour time-and-strike brass movement is unsigned; it is running and striking on a wire gong, driven by two 30-hour weights.  A very nice label inside.  This clock comes with a Smith Bros token.  $100$250.

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