38.                   $50

Forestville Manufacturing Co. eight-day OG, 1835-1839.  A 31-inch OG case with good flame mahogany veneer behind an alligatored finish.  Both glasses are original, the frosted tablet is cracked in several places but stable.  The wooden dial board is clean with the “Forestvill, Manufacturing Co., Bristol, CT, U.S.A.” printed in the middle (note the common misspelling of Forestville on the dial).  The hands are probably original. The 8-day, time-and-strike brass movement has a solid escape wheel used in the early OGs; it is signed properly and runs for a bit before stopping.  The label is torn but readable, there are two early 8-day weights, and an embossed pendulum bob.  Eight-day OGs are less common than 30-hour versions.  $50-$150.

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