36.                 $200

Wm L Gilbert & Co. Jerome Patent shelf clock, 18511866.  Chauncey Jerome patented this case design in 1857 and it was used by several manufacturers; it is shown in Lys American Clocks Vol. 3 on page 109.  This is the large version (31 inches tall) with an 8-day, time-and-strike weight-driven movement.  The case is rosewood with a clean finish; there is an edge chip along the back left side.  Both glasses are period/original, and the lower glass has been rebacked.  The metal dial appears to have been repainted some time ago; the hands are period.  The brass movement is unsigned; it is running and striking on a wire gong as expected, driven by two old 8-day weights.  There is a shred of a label inside, enough to determine the maker.  An attractive example.  AAC sold one in 2021 for $290.  $200$300.


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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024

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