35.                   $100

Forestville Manufacturing Co. “Improved Eight Day Brass Clock” (triple decker), 1835-1839.  A 39-inch two-door triple decker with three original glasses and two original tablets, with moderate losses.  The middle tablet is a bit unusual and worthy of note, I think.  The gilded, gesso eagle on the crest has some cracks and a poor repair to the neck.  The gilded, wooden dial has been lacquered; it is clean but shows some horizontal “stretch marks”.  The hands are suitable with a replacement hour hand.  The 8-day, time-and-strike brass movement is unsigned; it runs for a short while but the count wheel on the strike side is broken and will need repair. There are two 8 lb period weights and a readable stained and tattered label inside.  It stands on four ball feet.  $100–$250.

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