32.                   $450

Salem Bridge 8-day brass shelf clock, ca. 1820.  A second Salem Bridge clock that lacks a label and has an unsigned dial, although this clock bears strong resemblance to clocks made by Sylvester Clark.  The 32-inch case has flame mahogany veneer, a beautifully carved mahogany fruit basket splat, bronzed full columns that are grain-painted, carved capitals, carved front feet and turned back feet.  Both glasses are replaced, the tablet by Tom Moberg.  The painted iron dial is plain, unsigned, yellowed, with noticeable chipping. The three hands are period and appropriate.  There is an 8-day, time-and-strike Salem Bridge brass movement that is running and striking on the iron bell; the 8 lb weights are compounded on wooden pulleys.  What this clock lacks in originality it makes up for in beauty.  $450$900.


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