29.                   $500

Hills, Goodrich & Co. gilt column OG, 1841-1845.  The 31-inch OG case is veneered in dark mahogany with an old and patinated finish; both glasses are original, the tablet original, depicting the Philadelphia Merchant’s Exchange.  The gilded gesso acanthus leaves have some cracks, the gilded columns are also original but show some cracking and peeling toward the back.  The two inside mirrors appear to be original; the paint color is typical and likely original.  The formed and fitted dial is pinned to the housing surrounding the movement; the hands are period and correct.  The 8-day, time-and-strike, unsigned movement is unusual in its design, with the count wheel in front of the frame; it is just barely running with the substitute weights.  Proper 9-lb weights that are specific to this clock are needed (see #30).  The label has many losses and oil stains, but the makers’ names are still readable. AAC sold one in 2022 for $715 and one last summer for $670.  $500–$750.

NOTE ADDED:  It seems pretty clear that the number ring on the dial has been repainted and renumbered (note the differences in color).

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