25.                   $1500

Miniature pillar & scroll with brass movement, ca. 1830?  The clock stands 23.5 inches tall with the center brass urn finial (on a wooden post); the smaller side finials are on brass posts.  The case is 13.5 inches wide, veneered in walnut, and sits on ball feet. The scroll top has had significant repairs, and a chip is missing on the back left of the return.  The dial glass is original, the lower glass is original, but the putty has been repaired.  The original tablet has had considerable touch-up.  The iron dial is repainted, the cast pewter hands are likely original.  The time-and-strike brass movement resembles a banjo movement (note the pendulum), but I cannot find another example just like this; it suggests a New Hampshire or Vermont origin.  There are two miniature pillar & scroll clocks with brass movements on LiveAuctioneers:  Schmitt Horan sold one by Oliver Bracket in April ($1700), and there is an earlier sale of one by an unknown maker.  Neither has a matching movement.  I could not get the clock to run; there are two small rectangular weights, and my consignor says it runs 8 days.  No label to be found. A penciled repair date on the door appears to be 1860.  $1500$3000.

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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024

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