23.                   $3000

John Taber (attr.) tall shelf/mirror clock, 1818-1825.  There is no signature or label on this clock, but it very much resembles two other John Taber shelf clocks, one of which sold in 2020 at Fairfield Auction for $2600.  The other sold in 2001 at Cottone’s and came from the collection of Peter Zaharis.  Taber is listed in American Clockmakers & Watchmakers and worked out of southern Maine; he used iron plate movements with brass gears, as found here.  The 37-inch by 12.5-inch walnut? case is stamped “R.B. Taft” on the inside of the door, the case, and on the back; Taft may be a previous owner, as the imprint does not look old.  It is also possible that Taft built the case and fitted the original door to it, as there is some difference between the finishes.  The front of the case is veneered in mahogany with two free-standing square columns on each side; the sides of the case appear to be walnut.  There is a scroll top and four corner wooden finials with one center finial.  The interior is painted a distinctive green color also seen in the other two Taber shelf clocks, with a wooden dial painted in the same pattern as the other two (with leaves in the corners) and with very distinctive hand-crafted hands.  The dial glass is old but not early 1800’s, and the mirror is also old.  There is repair label from a shop in Portland, Maine from the early 1900’s. The weight is not original to the clock, but it runs well with it.  AAC sold this clock in 2021 for $3975.  $3000-$4000.

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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024

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