19.                   $1200

Elijah Warner tall case clock, ca. 1810-1829.  Warner was the preeminent clock maker in Kentucky in the early 1800’s, working out of Lexington, KY.  Numerous examples of his tall case cabinets, made of cherry, often with mahogany or walnut banding (as found here) are known. His distinguishing marks are the form of the scrolls on top and the unique form of the top of the trunk door.  His clocks are usually found with wood movements made by Thomas Hoadley (as found here) or Luman Watson out of Cincinnati.  The cherry case is 94 inches tall with an old, clean finish and no significant damage.  The scrolls have been poorly repaired and there should be three finials on top; the center finial is fine but not original.  The bonnet door glass is old with old putty, but probably not original.  Note the walnut banding around it.  There are four full columns around the hood, the trunk door closes and latches with a later lock, and the feet are original and undamaged.  Warner clocks typically had two sub-dials (seconds and calendar) and pull-up movements.  This dial is relatively clean with minimal losses; there is a nice vignette of a country church or monastery in the arch.  The spandrels are colorful with good retention of the gesso and gilding.  The sub-dial hands are likely replacements, and the hour and minute hand are modern cast replacements.  It is signed “S Hoadley Plymouth” around the calendar dial. The 30-hour wooden movement is lacking the overhead bell and mount, and one gear shows a broken tooth; there are no tin-can weights, pendulum rod, or bob.  These parts can be obtained relatively easily if you want to try to get the clock running.  The dial and movement are secured to the hood, making it easy to remove; they could be easily switched to a seat board mounting if desired. Elijah Warner clocks are not uncommon but always sell at a premium in the Midwest.  $1200–$2500. 

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