18.                   $350

Henry Terry “Patent Eight Day Clock”, 1832-1833.  The second-born son to Eli Terry worked with his dad and older brother Eli, Jr. for almost ten years before taking over “The Old Manufactory of Eli Terry & Sons” on the Naugatuck River in 1832.  He continued to make mostly 8-day wooden works clocks like this until 1836, when he converted the factory to a woolen mill.  This two-door clock is 35 inches tall with good mahogany veneer (note chips on lower door and missing piece on the right baseboard) and the original stenciling on the four half-columns and splat.  The dial glass is likely original, the lower glass is period but replaced and held in place with wooden strips.  The tablet was painted by Tom Moberg.  The 8-day wooden movement is running and striking like it was Bruce Springsteen’s first big hit, driven by two 12-lb weights with an embossed brass pendulum bob.  There is a good label, with some losses, behind plastic.  I have not sold a Henry Terry clock recently, but 8-day wooden works clocks sell for around $400 on AAC.   $350–$500.

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