15.                   $100

Merriman, Birge & Co. reeded shelf clock, 1820-1822.  Only in business for a few years and all their clocks look like this.  The & Co. was Joseph Ives.  The 34.5-inch case is veneered in mahogany, in good shape, with reeded columns on each side and a full-length door that hinges on the left.  There is a fancy brass key escutcheon on the right (but no key).  The crest and side returns appear to be replacements, and there are no brass urn finials.  The dial glass is a modern replacement, the mirror very old but possibly resilvered (yours truly cracked the glass trying to fix the mirror backboard; my consignor will not be happy when he sees this).  The lower glass is original and appears to hold the original painting, with some touch-up.  The wooden dial has been repainted and there are no hands.  The 30-hour wooden movement is unique to Joseph Ives; the weights drop directly through the seatboard but there are no weights with this clock.  The vertical center board is a later addition (replacement?) and the label is a photocopy of an original.  No pendulum bob.  Some would call this a project clock.  $100$200.

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