14.                   $150

Atkins & Downs thirty-hour shelf clock, 1831-1832.  A brief partnership between these three (Irenus and Rollin Atkins, with Anson Downs) as they made clocks for sale by George Mitchell in Bristol, CT.  The 29-inch case has a very dark finish with good patina; note the well-carved eagle on top (possibly a modern replacement) with round half columns on each side.  Both glasses are original with the original tablet showing some losses.  The extensively gilded dial is clean with bold numbering; the minute hand is old but not typical for this period or makers.  The 30-hour wooden movement will run briefly; its strikes without problem on the iron bell.  There are two period weights and an embossed brass bob, as well as a good label noting the makers and retailer. The original glasses and tablet make this a nice example.  $150$250.

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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024

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