13.                   $150

Bishop & Bradley carved column & splat, 1824-1832.  There are no similar B&B clocks listed on LiveAuctioneers; they made almost exclusively pillar & scroll wooden works clocks and, later, Salem Bridge brass movement clocks.  The carvings on this 30-inch clock are well done and include pineapple finials and claw feet.  The turned feet in back also look original.  The glasses are old but the putty is new and the tablet repainted (but unsigned).  The dial is amply decorated with flowers and is moderately soiled; the hands are period-correct, although the tip of the hour hand is missing.  The 30-hour, time-and-strike wooden movement will run only briefly but will strike on the iron bell; there is an embossed brass pendulum bob, two period weights, and a good label inside. The door latch and key are included but not attached.  This is a nice example, and certainly uncommon.  $150$300.

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