12.                   $150

Charles Stratton shelf clock, 1841.  Stratton made clocks in Worcester MA from 1841 to 1845, when the business failed.  He moved to Hartford CT and died nine years later at the age of 45.  This clock is 28 inches tall with birdseye maple veneer on the front sides and mahogany veneer on the door, with an undecorated splat.  The dial glass is modern, the lower glass period with a nicely redone image of the Boston Massacre of 1770, drawn from Paul Revere’s engraving of an illustration by Henry Pelham.   The less-than-accurate image led to the withdrawal of British troops from Boston and a trial in which future President John Adams successfully defended the Brits.  The wooden dial is clean with some losses at the lower left; the hands are not typical but have some age.  The 30-hour time-and-strike wooden movement is running and striking without problem, with two period weights.  There is a good label inside, with the date of 1841.  A nice example.  $150–$250.

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