11.                   $150

Jeromes’ & Darrow bronzed looking glass clock, 1828-1834.  This example contains the Noble Jerome thin plate movement which was only used for a short time.  The case is also thinner than usual, just 3 inches deep, and so is unstable when the almost 4 lb weights are at the top.  This clock is in remarkable shape for its age, with the original bright bronze stenciling on the half-columns and splat; note the bright stencils on the capitals and plinths.   The finish is old and crinkled, but the mahogany veneer is all there.  The dial glass is old and likely original, the mirror is old but probably not original.  The wooden dial is very clean with little wear; my consignor tells me it is original.  The hands are proper and period.  The 30-hour wooden movement will run for a minute or two, and probably longer if you fiddle with it.  I did not get it to strike.  There is an iron bell, two small square weights, and a very good label inside; it may even have the original pulley dust covers on top. This is as good as it gets for this rare model.  Cottone’s sold a similar example in 2022 for $200.  $150–$300.

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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024

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