9.                   $250

Bishop & Bradley shelf clock, 1824-1832.  I believe James and Lucius are best known for pillar & scroll clocks, and I cannot find an example like this on LiveAuctioneers or the Antique Clocks Identification and Price Guide.  The mahogany case is 25.5 inches tall with an unusual reverse-painted glass in the splat that cannot possibly be original, can it?  The glass is wavy, and the back is covered. The columns were gilded and have since been varnished.  The dial glass is likely original, the mirror probably a century-old replacement, with a wooden backboard that I did not remove.  The wood dial is clean and with the original paint, the hands likely original.  The 30-hour wooden movement will run briefly and will strike; there is a period pendulum bob and two small (2.8 lb) square weights.  There is a very good label inside.  An uncommon (unique?) model from these uncommon makers.  $250$500.

Russ Oechsle has pointed out that a similar clock sold out of Chris Brown's collection in 2011 and is shown in Russ' book "Good for a Time" on page 15.  It is worth noting that the splat image is reversed in the Brown clock (see photo below).

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