8.                   $400

George D Wadhams (Garner Curtiss) 30-hour carved column shelf clock, 18251837.  Wadhams was a clock retailer in Wolcottville CT and after 1837 in Torrington; Curtis(s) was a clockmaker in Wolcottville, earlier associated with Virtue Clark (brother of Sylvester Clark) who together made the first spring-driven clocks in the US, using brass springs from France (see #21).  This 28.5-inch case has well-carved mahogany quarter-columns on the sides and an impressive eagle splat, good mahogany veneer (one chip on the back left cornice) and two original glasses with the original tablet, with just slight touch-up.  There are carved front feet and delicately turned back feet.  In terms of condition this is as good as you can find.  The wooden dial is clean and decorated extensively with flowers and has two original hands. The 30-hour time-and-strike wooden movement is untested, as the hooks are not attached to the wire cords, but there are two period weights, an iron bell, and an old pendulum bob.  The label is toned with tears, but is readable. One sale of a similar example on LiveAuctioneers, at Schmitt Horan in 2022 for $650, none on the Antique Clocks Identification and Price Guide.  $400$600. 

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