5.                   $750

Jeromes’ & Darrow 30-hour wooden works with calendars, ca. 1830.  A clock I have never seen before and can’t even believe exists! The case is 37 inches tall with deeply carved mahogany half-columns and splat, with carved urn finials.  The carvings are extraordinary, the veneer is perfect, with a modest patina.  The glasses are twentieth century replacements with a new tablet.  The dial is certainly original and is clean with extensive gilding – and three subsidiary dials that count the seconds and indicate the date and day of the week; the number ‘5’ is stamped on the lower right corner.  All this on a 30-hour wooden works movement. The minute and hour hands are period/original, the subsidiary hands look right, but it’s hard to believe they are original. The clock will run only briefly and will need adjustment; it does strike.  I did not test the calendar hands.  There are two 30-hour weights and an old pendulum bob, with a good label inside.  I cannot find another example on LiveAuctioneers or on the Antique Clocks Identification and Price Guide, but my good friend Philip Morris pointed me to several discussions of this clock in the Cog Counters Journal: 

This clock was first reported by Henry Hebing of Ohio (CCJ No. 9, pages 4-5, 1976) as having come out of an estate in Medina County, OH.  The clock was lacking a cog needed to drive the day and date bits.  Ward Francillon (I believe) commented on this clock in the CCJ a year later (CCJ No. 13, page 13, 1977), suggesting that this was a pilot model clock; he provided the missing wheel and the calendars advanced correctly.  He was not convinced it was pre-1837, noted that the seconds bit was off center with the opening, and probably would not rotate once a minute, making this a questionable addition.  He confirmed that it was a Jerome-shop production.  Dr. Morris provided color photos of this clock in 2003 (CCJ 26, pages 29-32, 2003) and noted the presence of the ‘5’ imprinted on the dial; it is believed to be one of at least 5 clocks made, but no others are known. This clock is quite extraordinary.  $750–$1500.

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