4.                   $200

Eli Terry Jr. & Co. pillar & scroll, 1835-1841.  The Company was Milo Blakesley and Warren Goodwin; the business ended with Terry’s death in 1841 from tuberculosis.  Pillar & scroll clocks fell out of fashion by 1840; indeed, this is the only P&S I can find by this firm on LiveAuctioneers or the Antique Clocks Identification and Price Guide.  I find that surprising, and I note that the portion of the backboard that bears the label has aged differently from the portion of the backboard above it (view the backside). I can’t exclude the possibility that the lower portion with the label is a replacement.  To further complicate the issue of authenticity, the center rails that extend from the top to the bottom of the case in all P&S clocks do not do so here; they are slanted back and end three-quarters of the way down, as is often found in later wooden movement shelf clocks.  Note the cutouts for the missing dado joints in the bottom of the case.  Now, it is possible that Terry & Co. had an unused pillar & scroll case, to which they added a movement mount from their stock of later wooden movement clocks, and also substituted in their labeled backboard; the fit is pretty good on the back and the nails used are all square headed and look original.  Were they just using up old stock, or has something nefarious occurred long after manufacture? 

The 31-inch case is veneered in mahogany with some repairs to the crossbar in the door; both scrolls have also been repaired, there is a slight crack in the center post of the crest, and the skirt has a small repair.  The feet and skirt look original.  The hollow brass urn finials are on steel posts.  Both glasses are original with the original putty; the tablet has been repainted by a budding reverse painter.  The simple wooden dial is in good shape with strong numbering, the hands are period and appropriate.  The wooden 30-hour time-and-strike movement is untested, as there is no pendulum rod or bob.  The weights are period and correct.   A faded and yellowed label inside, largely intact.  A rare clock for the label and style, if authentic.  $200–$500.

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Antique American Clocks                     JULY 2024

Can I return my clock if I don’t like it?


Absolutely!  Save your packing and box, you have 30 days from receipt to return it for a full refund if you are unhappy.  If the clock is not as described, or I missed something important and that is not evident from the pictures, I will refund your shipping costs (both ways) as well.  Find another auction company that does that!