2.                $400

Erastus Hodges miniature (narrow case) pillar & scroll, ca. 1831-1833.  Hodges was a businessman who worked with Norris North and took over Norris’ clock shop when Norris left for nearby Wolcott CT in 1831.  This case is 28 inches tall with good mahogany veneer and a clean finish.  The wooden urn finials are probably replacements; the scroll top is perfect and may be a replacement, and the skirt and feet look to be original.  The dial glass is original with a crack in the upper left corner, the lower glass is a modern replacement with a Moberg tablet.  The wooden dial is the right size but the center section, with the winding ports is a replacement. The dial has been varnished and the color differs between the newer center section and the original upper and lower parts.  Hmmm. The hands are typical.  The Torrington east-west wooden movement will not run or strike.  There are two proper weights, a small pendulum bob, and a worn and faded label.  In better condition these clocks can bring over $1000.  Let’s look for something less here.  $400–$800.


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