JULY 2024

501.                 $50

Large antique carved shelf. At 28 inches wide and 8 inches deep, 19 inches tall, rough and unvarnished, with carvings on the base that resemble Masonic symbols. The front edges are painted black and chipped.  $50–$250.


502.                $50

Large antique shelf.  At 26 inches wide and 6 inches deep, 9.5 inches tall, rough and stripped of multiple layers of paint.  Unvarnished.  $50–$250.



504.                $25

Two painted shelves.  At 16 and 18 inches wide, 7 and 5.5 inches deep, 9 and 10 inches tall.  One has been antiqued.  Not antique, but nice; two for one money.  $25–$100.


503.                $25

Antique shelf.  At 16 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 22.5 inches tall, pine stripped of paint (mostly).  Interesting design, with a tall backboard. $25–$100.


601.                $10/pair

Round weights for one-day clocks.  Each is about 2.5-3 lb, standard OG/pillar & scroll/30-hour clock weights.  Multiple sets available; be sure to specify how many sets you want.  These are examples – you cannot pick your set – sorry.  Up to two sets can be mailed in a USPS flat rate box for $20.  $10/pair, no bidding, all sell for the stated price.  Indicate if you want them shipped and I will include the shipping fee.


604.               $100

Brewster & Ingrahams Kirk’s backplate steeple movement and backboard.  A 19-inch steeple backboard with an original label, a cast-iron lyre gong mount, and a die-stamped (EC Brewster & Co) brass 8-day time-and-strike movement with (presumably) brass springs inside cast iron cups, as designed by Charles Kirk for Brewster’s earliest steeple clocks.  I couldn’t get it to run, but you probably can.  Just add a clock case and you’re good to go!  $100–$200.


602.                $35/lb

Mercury.  Specify the amount you want in pounds.  Pick up or delivery only, no shipping.  A two-jar pendulum needs about 8 lbs (4 lb/jar).  No bidding, sells for the price stated.


603.                $50

Reproduction Howard finials. A matched set, in walnut.  The center finial is 5 inches tall; the side finials are 4.5 inches tall.



605.                $200

Seth Thomas Clock Co. “Regulator No. 1” case and movement.  A very nice case with good rosewood veneer and two old/original glasses, a likely original dial and hands, and an early round Silas B Terry movement.  The tablet has been rebacked and probably the gilding replaced; the style is one Thomas used.  The gold trim around the glass has been repainted.  The dial has some small flaking, the hands are as shown in the matching illustration in Seth Thomas Clocks & Movements, Third Edition, Vol. 1 on page 271 (Tran Duy Ly). The seconds bit is a too-small replacement.  There is no pendulum so I could not test the movement; the weight is shown. There is a good label inside on the weight shield.  If this clock were complete it would sell for upwards of $500.  $200–$300.


606.               $25

Assorted makers’ keys.  Each key in a group is signed:  Ansonia (6), Ingraham (2), Gilbert (5), Ithaca (1), Waterbury (6), Welch (2), Brewster (unmarked, bat wings, 3), miscellaneous unmarked (6), cranks (3).  I will sell groups individually, make an offer.  $25–$100.


607.                $50 ea.

Welch sandwich glass pendulums. Each is numbered; all are 7.5 inches long except #8, which is 5.5 inches long.  State the number(s) you are bidding on and I’ll try to get you that one (high bid determines); if you only want that one, say so.  If you want more than one, say so.  If you don’t care, say so.  Yeah, it’s complicated.  $50–$100 ea. 


jul24_parts001028.jpg jul24_parts001027.jpg jul24_parts001026.jpg jul24_parts001025.jpg jul24_parts001024.jpg jul24_parts001023.jpg jul24_parts001022.jpg jul24_parts001021.jpg jul24_parts001020.jpg jul24_parts001019.jpg

608.               $5

Odd lot of small pendulums.  All for one money.  $5–$25.


609.               $5

Three metal pendulums.  Two are Ingraham, one is E.N. Welch.  All for one money.  $5–$15.


610.                $25

Welch Eclipse sandwich glass pendulum. $25–$75.


611.                 $10

Two Ansonia adjustable dial pendulums.  Top two bids win; if you want both, say so.  If you have a preference, say so.  $10–$50.


612.                 $10

Two Gilbert portrait pendulums. Top two bids win; if you want both, say so.  If you have a preference for one, say so.  $10–$50.


613.                 $25

Two Welch cannister pendulums. Top two bids win; if you want both, say so.  $10–$50.


614.                $25

Three adjustable dial pendulums. One is labeled Jacot’s Regulator, used by Kroeber; the other two are unmarked, one with beveled glass over dial.  All for one money.  $25–$50.

jul24_parts001012.jpg jul24_parts001011.jpg jul24_parts001010.jpg jul24_parts001009.jpg jul24_parts001008.jpg jul24_parts001007.jpg

 The Catalog

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