180.           $2500

E. Howard & Co. “No. 59 Regulator”, ca. 1880.  This is the 46-inch version with an 8-inch dial, the size most commonly seen.  What is not commonly seen is a black dial.  My consignor tells me this clock had a black dial when he bought it and he had it repainted.  It has the characteristic brass hands found on the black dial originals.  Delaney Antique Clocks has noted that records show that only 38 black dial No. 59 clocks were made.  The clock retains the black ebonized/lacquered trim and columns, and the birdseye maple weight cover.  One top finial has been broken and repaired; they look original to me.  The door glass is old and possibly original, as are the two side glasses.  The wooden bezel around the dial has been broken and repaired and has some missing pieces, but the loss is not evident from the front.  The Howard No. 5 movement is running, driven by a No. 5 weight and a damascened nickel pendulum bob with some wear; the wooden stick has been repaired at the top and may not be original to the clock.   There is no label.  This is an original example with some wear but looks great.  Fontaine’s sold a black dial in 2022 for $3750, and a modified version last fall for $4750.  $2500–$5000.

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