145.           $1000

Ansonia Clock Co. “Undine & Gloria”, ca. 1899.  A beautifully refinished figural in bronze and gold, 28 inches tall.  Undine is the base, Gloria is the winged figural holding a lyre and a frond.  I am not sure what sculpture she is based on.  There are a couple of paint chips but no missing parts.  The flat dial glass is beveled with some chips at the bottom edge, the porcelain dial is signed and decorated, with proper hands. The 8-day time and half-hour strike movement is running and striking on a cathedral gong.  Note the engraving on the movement cover – this may have been a wedding gift in 1899.  This pairing is not uncommon but often missing trim pieces; AAC sold an unrefinished example last July for $1159.  $1000–$1400.

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Antique American Clocks                     JANUARY 2024

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