232.         $50

Waterbury Clock Co. “Pearl” night clock, ca. 1914.  This clock has a translucent dial (called “Opal” in the catalog description) and is meant to be mounted on a gas burner, so it is lit from behind; it can also stand alone on a shelf or mantel or be mounted on a wall bracket without a gas burner outlet.  The dial is 5.5 inches in diameter; note the crack across the center.  The hands are as shown in the catalog illustration from 1914 (Ly, Waterbury Clocks & Watches, Vol. 1, page 486).  It winds in the back but is fully wound and not running; it is a 1-day clock.  I don’t see the Waterbury name or logo anywhere.  You can find a few of these on LiveAuctioneers, search for “milk glass clock”. Prices range from $110-$400, but I’ll start this one at $50.  $50-$100.


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