230.         $50 ea

Ansonia Clock Co. “Orchestra” and “Laurel”, ca. 1904.  Both miniature clocks are 4 inches tall with gilded spelter fronts that depict either musical instruments or a knight’s armor and laurels. Most of the gilding has been lost from both.  The glasses are beveled; the 2-inch dials are porcelain with gilt centers. Orchestra shows some dial hairlines.  The hands are correct; Orchestra will run only briefly; Laurel is running with coaxing. The clocks are not signed, although I did not open the cases.  No recent sales of either model.  Indicate on your bid sheet which one you are bidding on (Orchestra, on the left, or Laurel, on the right).  $50-$100.

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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023