228.         $100

Parker & Whipple Co. lever-spring miniature, 1880-1893.  The P&W Co. was the precursor to the Parker Clock Co.  This is probably the largest example I have seen of their work and is also unusual because it uses a lever-spring movement rather than their more common fixed pendulum movement.  This model is not described by Ly in American Clocks, and I can find no examples online.  The 6-inch-tall case appears to be cast bronze and may have had a gold or brass finish originally.  I believe there also was a glass dome over the balance wheel at the top.  The clean paper dial is behind a flat glass and states “AE Hotchkiss patent”, which was obtained in 1880.   The back of the movement indicates the maker, location (Meriden, CT), and additional patents.  The built-in winding key and time-setting arm are present. The clock is running vigorously.  $100-$250.

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