227.         $50 ea

Yale Clock Co. “Comet” and metal case w/ MOP, 1879-1885.  Yale manufactured miniature clocks claimed as “the most reliable clocks in the world”.  Some truth to that, as almost every Yale clock I have come across seems to run without hesitation.  On the left is the Comet, in an engraved ebony case.  This model is shown in Chris Bailey’s reprint of a Yale Clock Co. catalog from 1862.  On the right is a model not shown in the catalog; both are 4 inches tall, both are one-day back-wind movements.  The Comet is in a wood (ebony?) case with gilt carvings on the front and a clean white paper dial with proper hands behind the glass; the winding key and time adjustment knob are missing, but I will supply a key that lets you wind and set it.  It is running like a champ.  The clock on the right is in a metal case with MOP on the front. The paper dial is badly stained; the hands are correct.  It also is missing the winding key and time adjustment knob, and I do not have a replacement for either.  It takes a threaded winding handle but I do not have one that fits, so I can’t tell you if it runs.  This is not a common model, and as noted, is not shown in the only Yale catalog I have.  I can find no recent sales of either model.  Indicate on your bid sheet which one you are bidding on (Comet or metal w MOP).  $50-$100 ea.


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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023