224.         $100

E.N. Welch “La Reine”, ca. 1880.  An 8-inch cannister clock with a nickel-plated decorative cast front.  This is the early model, with the dial face open to the one-day lever-spring movement.  The dial is paper with some wear, and some of the gears that are visible are also nickel-plated.  The hands are original; the clock sets and winds in the back, with a removable cannister lid.  It is running without problem.  Neither the movement nor the case are signed.  Some of the metalwork is bent out of shape but should be correctable.  This clock also came in a gilt finish, and in an 8-day pendulum version.  Just one sale on LiveAuctioneers, in 2014 for $130.  $100-$150.

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