215.         $350

Dungan & Klump, “Dickory Dickory Dock” clock, ca. 1910.  The oak case is 35 inches long and 8.5 inches wide; the finish is very dark, as originally intended, and it has a Mission-style appearance.  The numbers are brass, the lettering and gradations on the scale are gold and still legible.  Patent information for 1910 is printed below the title.  The mouse has a replacement tail, it should be string.  The upper winding arbor turns a spool that controls the position of the mouse; you can move it up or down.  The lower arbor winds the spring, which slowly turns a gear behind the spool, winding up the string that pulls the mouse up the clock.  When it reaches a gap in the gear the spool unwinds and the mouse falls to the bottom, and the climb starts over as the spool gear turns and reengages.  As the mouse reaches the top (the number 1) it lifts a strike hammer and when the mouse falls the hammer strikes the bell.  Voila, the clock struck one and the mouse ran down!  The 8-day, time-only movement was made by the Sessions Clock Co.; this one appears to have the original pendulum.  There is a good instruction label on the back of the clock.  I don’t know if kids still recite this nursery rhyme, or if they will find this clock interesting; there is no CGI involved, or cartoon characters.  Horolovar made replicas in the 1970’s.  AAC sold this same model last summer for $500.  $350-$500.

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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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