214.         $500

English tavern clock, ca. 1880.  The dial says Thomas Moss, London, but the dial and the movement are not original to each other one has been replaced.  The mahogany case is 53 inches long with an old finish and nice patina.  The door lock works and there is a key.  The 16-inch dial is painted with no chipping or significant wear, behind a thick glass in the brass bezel.  The hands are appropriate.  The weight-driven movement is time-only, as you would expect, and is running without issue.  It is not fusee; the brass shell weight is 13.5-lb.  The back of the dial has posts for mounting to a movement with pins, but there are no mounting holes on the brass plate movement.  I did not remove the movement to see if it was signed on the back, but a signature is uncommon.  No label or internal markings.  A nice-looking tavern clock.  $500-$800.


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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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