207.         $275

Ansonia Clock Co. “Reubens”, ca. 1894.  A 16.25-inch tall figural on a 17.5-inch cast iron base.  The base shown in the catalog drawing in Ly, Ansonia Clocks & Watches, page 153, is a bit wider and must be the deluxe version; the base used here is shown with other figurals from the same catalog.   The Japanese bronze finish has been lost, but traces remain.  I see no losses to the castings.  The imitation cartouche dial has lost some gilding; the visible escapement has steel pins, the dial glass is beveled.  The signed movement is nickel plated and is running and striking on a cathedral gong.  A nice example ready for restoration.  One in slightly better condition sold at Tom Harris in 2020 for $475.   $275-$400.

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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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