201.         $1600

Seth Thomas “Chime Clock No. 214”, ca. 1913.  A 14-inch mahogany cabinet that strikes on 8 bells, playing either Whittington or Westminster chimes on the quarter hours.  Perfect.   The case is fine, the silvered dial shows wear; I wouldn’t let that bother you, this is a player not a looker – if you haven’t heard eight, patented, resonated Sonora bells, you haven’t heard the best.  There is a beveled convex glass in the bezel.  The clock is running and striking without problem.  If you want a clock with additional design elements check out #203, but you won’t get a better sound.  This is a great clock at a good price if you are considering entering the chime clock world (MMG/C, I’m talking to you).  Sonora 8-bell chime clocks sell consistently between $1600-$2400. 


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