188.           $150

Welch, Spring & Co. “Italian No. 2”, ca. 1874.  A miniature (13-inch) clock with rosewood veneer, gilded columns, two original glasses and an original dial, with significant chipping. The hands are likely original, the tablet has been rebacked; note the gilding on the columns.  Welch, Spring & Co. made the Italian in a variety of sizes and several styles, and the naming was not consistent with the size.  The miniature size, as found here, is uncommon at best; Ly shows this model in his Second Edition of Welch Clocks on page 408.  The movement is a 30-hour,time-and-alarm; note the placement of the winding arbors.  The small unsigned movement is running strongly; the alarm was not tested.  There is a decent label inside.  I can find no recent sales of a miniature Italian; AAC sold a sub-miniature version of an Ingraham Venetian last January for $727.  $150-$250.


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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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