184.           $350

EN Welch Mfg. Co. “Khedive”, ca. 1890.  An 18-inch tall “antique oak” case with a Patti movement and a visible escapement.  The case is complete but shows some wear; polish would help a lot.  The inner porcelain dial has numerous hairline cracks and there are repairs to the porcelain inside and outside rings. The hands are correct; the glass in the bezel is beveled, as is the glass in the bottom well in front of the brass pendulum. Not all of these came with the visible escapement.  The signed Patti movement is running and striking on the hours and half-hours on a cathedral gong.  There is a good label on the back cover.  Named after the Khedivial Opera House in Cairo, Egypt, built to celebrate the opening of the Suez Canal.  Vogt sold an oak model in 2020 for $425.  $350-$500.

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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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