182.           $100

Wm. Gilbert & Co. miniature steeple, ca. 1870.  A 14.5-inch case with two original glasses and a movement by S.B. Terry.  The mahogany veneer is clean but has some chips and missing pieces, especially on the right base.  The original tablet also has some losses.  The contoured metal dial has been repainted; the hands are likely original.  The 30-hour, time-only ladder movement was designed by S.B. Terry when he worked for Gilbert, 1859-1861. Note that the spring is outside the brass frame and against the back wall; another example is shown in Palmer, A Treasury of American Clocks, page 130, and in a 1995 Bulletin article by Smith, Grimshaw, and Arvay.  The clock is running; there is a good label on the back wall.  No sales that I can find.  $100-$250.

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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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