178.           $1000

J.C. Brown miniature ripple-front round gothic, 1842-1849. Mr. Brown was the sole owner of his factory in the 1840ís and made clocks under his own name, as found here.  The mahogany case is 15.5 inches tall with two old glasses; I think the Fenn tablet has been repainted.  The contoured dial is very old and signed, the hands are proper and possibly original.  The 30-hour time-and-strike movement is signed but has some issues:  The strike side will not wind, and it is not a problem with the click pawl; and the escape anchor is too far from the escape wheel, such that it skips and spins.  That can be adjusted.  The paper label is quite dark and is only about 60% complete; it is behind plastic. The maker name can be easily read.  Miniature (30-hour) ripple-front beehive clocks are uncommon; AAC sold one in 2021 for $1400. $1000-$1400.

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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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