173.           $2500

Birge & Fuller round gothic double-steeple with wagon-spring movement, 1844-1848.  This clock is extremely rare, but a search through the NAWCC Bulletin archives revealed three other examples, and one example with a fusee movement.  The case is 21.75 inches tall and has been thoroughly restored.  The mahogany veneer is perfect and possibly replaced.  The two candlesticks look new, as do the button feet.  The three glasses are period, with well preserved Fenn tablets.  The dial has been repainted, the hands are correct to Birge & Fuller; the back of the dial has ‘Birge & Fuller, Bristol, Conn, U.S.A’ stamped at the bottom, something I have not seen before.  The brass, 30-hour time-and-strike movement is unsigned but was likely made by Chauncey Boardman (see the second 1995 reference below); it is running and striking, driven by the wagon-spring in the bottom of the case.  The movement is unusual in that the positions of the time and strike chains are reversed.  The label is in very good condition and may be a replacement.  This clock sold at Schmitt Horan in 2020 for $3800.  $2500-$4000.

Links to Bulletin articles on this model (you should read the 1956 short article):

1956    1992     1995    1995

(Description updated with Schmitt Horan sale record January 23.)

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