169.           $500

Forestville Manufacturing Co. ripple-front round gothic, 1842-1849. JC Brown bought out his partners and manufactured clocks under his own name and under the Forestville Manufacturing Co. label as well; ripple-front clocks were made in the late 1840ís.  This is a full-size case, 19 inches tall with good veneer and ripple; I see just one spot on the upper right where the finish appears to have bubbled, perhaps from heat.  The finish is dark.  The dial glass is original, the tablet period/original, with some losses to the center image, while the frosted/milk glass surround is well retained.  The round, contoured dial appears to hold the original paint with some fading; the hands are likely original. The 8-day, time-and-strike movement is signed, running, and striking.  There is a reasonable label inside.  Full-size ripple beehives typically sell for around $600.  $500-$800.

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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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