168.           $200

Chauncey Boardman steeple with triple fusee movement, ca. 1848. Chauncey Boardman received a patent with Joseph Wells for the “reverse-fusee” mechanism used in this clock, where the spring and fusee spools are on the same shaft and connected to the movement frame.   The patent date is imprinted on the movement, dating this clock to after 1847; Boardman was driven out of business in 1850 by the Connecticut Protective Clock Co. for selling movements too cheaply to out-of-state retailers.  The 20-inch case is veneered in flame mahogany with a clean finish; the glasses are old, the tablet original, depicting the Quebec market place; it has been retouched and has penciled notations from 1878 and 1919. This clock was likely exported to Canada.  The dial is likely an old repaint, the hands are old but may not be original.  The 30-hour, time, strike, and alarm triple-fusee movement is signed, running and striking; the alarm was not tested.  There is a nearly complete label behind plastic on the back wall.  Schmidt’s Antiques sold a triple fusee in 2018 for $275, the most recent sale I can find for this model.  $200-$300.

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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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