164.           $7500

John Hunt oversize sharp gothic with wagon-spring movement,ca. 1850?  All indications are that this is the only example of this model with a wagon-spring movement.  I cannot find much information on John Hunt, who was a cabinetmaker working out of Farmington and Plainville, CT; Clockmakers & Watchmakers of America have him working from 1830-1840, but the patent date on the Boardman movement in this clock is 1847.  Itís possible that this is a replacement movement (there are some filled and unfilled holes in the backboard), but it is probably more likely that Hunt was making clocks as late as 1850.  The unusual 30-inch OG case is veneered in flame mahogany with some well-done repairs; the door frame has a reverse-OG form.  Both glasses are old; the dial glass is likely original, the tablet of The Old State House in Boston is a repaint.  The dial has also been repainted, the hands are period/correct.  The 30-hour, time-and-strike movement was made by Chauncey Boardman; it is running and striking on a wire gong, powered by the small wagon-spring movement.  There is a good green label behind the wagon-spring, with some losses.  There is one auction sale record for a John Hunt oversize steeple; it had a standard 8-day spring-driven movement and sold at R.O. Schmitt in 2014 for $6500.   $7500-$10,000.

George Goolsby has informed me of a sale of this model with a wagon-spring movement at Skinner's in 2015 for $7995.


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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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