162.           $150

Terry Clock Co. iron case clocks, 1867-1880.  A set of three clocks, 11, 8.75, and 6 inches tall in iron cases painted black.  These clocks originally had gilding and/or images on the front and sides, but you rarely see that today.  The largest is an 8-day time-and-strike; it is running and striking on a wire gong, the paper dial is in good condition, and the hands are proper.  The label on the back is tattered.  The middle-size clock is an 8-day time-and-alarm; the paper dial is yellowed, the brass sash has been polished to copper, the hands are correct.  It is running and the alarm works.  The label on the back is very dark and illegible.  The smallest clock is a 1-day time and alarm; the paper dial is dark, the hands are proper, but it is not running.  The label on the back is very good.  All three have a fixed pendulum; the dial glasses look old.  These clocks are not uncommon, with the smallest size typically selling for $50.   The larger sizes are a bit less common; some included a calendar hand.  Probably S.B. Terry’s most durable clock. $150-$250.


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Antique American Clocks                     January 2023

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